Owls Are So 2014

They think they’re great now.  The pineapples.

The two of them. At the bar. Belting over in laughter. At everything each other is saying.

Then I hear it.

Those privileged entitled elitist assholes.  Slamming their morning proseccos.  Their shrill tone automates itself through imitation in my head.


How can they just say that out loud? I’m only WITHIN EARSHOT sitting alone chain-smoking in the corner.  Maybe they truly believe that I , this depressed forgotten meme of 2014 doesn’t matter anymore.  My feelings. My thoughts. My cuteness.  I guess those things were only important in 2014.

Now these sophmoric pineapples were calling the shots? Fuck these guys.



They cackled over that one.  To make it worse, the millennial couple sitting next to them actually tore themselves away from their Pokemon Go to shoot a look of approval, then cheers-ed them with their own glasses of proseccos.

Laugh it up pineapples, I think, as I sip my glass of Yellowtail merlot.  Your day will come. These punks will turn on you fast and when they do no one will even remember you existed.




No Bill No Break

This is about up
to what we can take
No bill
No break

Do it for
the voiceless saints
No bill
No break

Remember those
who fell on swords
No bill
No break

Punish those
who crave for more
No bill
No break

Tonight it seems
enough debate
No bill
No break

Each others lives
are what’s at stake
No bill
No break

Saying nothing
is a choice
No bill
No break

We’ve dug our graves
and drank our poison
No bill
No break




Waiting for Godot
By way the G Train
A woman flirts with a man
Across the tracks
Exchanging winky faces

I mean goddamn Godot

It delays and I can’t tear myself
From the scene of this romance
As they perhaps are finding
Another ride

I enter the horde at the front
A lineup full of IRL emojis

Faraway a woman is yelling at hoodlums
Screaming she’s triple O-G

Godot you devil
Delay delay delay

We are all quickly pacing slowly dying
Until finally it arrives

On the G train
We are all the extremely earnest type

A man with a wooden leg is harassing passengers
Singing impromptu ad lib reggae songs
Swinging a milk carton with change for melody
Stomping his peg leg as a metronome keeping time and rhythm

A drunk mom gets on at Clinton-Washington
Pushing her toddler in his flimsy stroller
As she moves and dances to her phone
Using the stroller as her dancing partner

The reggae man finishes his song
Yells for change to add to his milk carton
Shames us for our ignorance
Screams it isn’t right how the people of a city
Doesn’t look out for its own
And because of our heads bowed in silence to our cell phones
Says he will most likely steal Kind Bars from the next Duane Reed he sees

The woman who was triple OG is still lecturing the wanabee hoodlums
Saying don’t step unless you can represent which it becomes obvious
The teens cannot understand

The reggae man finishes his speech hiccups and stumbles through
Finally exiting through the doors that connect to the next train

The goddamn G

A commotion moves around me
I hold the bar where I stand tightly
Somehow still
Waiting for Godot

The Donner Party

Pushing this thought
Through mountains of resistance
Anxiety nervous enough
To destroy a whole Donner party

Eat me first
I volunteer myself
To Science, History
Put me in whatever
Textbook you like

I just need a little reassurance
That in fact everything dies
Just don’t leave me out
Just eat me
Without any thought


I’ve finally found
my favorite subject
– myself –
when I flunk
what do I do
Is there like
Summer school
Can I just
repeat the grade
I’ll say
it wasn’t my fault
I was held back
I don’t belong here!

#Heartache – The Bird Talks Too Much

The cat meows and won’t stop and
several unsettling google searches follow and
then a visit to the vet where they put him to sleep

He no longer meows and
is buried next to the canary
I was blamed for overfeeding

That bird talked too much and
lately I’ve started to notice more and
more how my grandmother rambles
as we argue over putting her in a home

The closer we are to die
the more we refuse to shut up and
our last ditch effort at life
is always only to be heard loud and
loud and
loud until finally we are with tragedy put down


I’ve lost all my money
And fuck
I live in a capitalist society

If a $10 bill blew in the street
In the wind I would go chasing it
And it’ll say on my tombstone
In traffic
Broke as fuck


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